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F R P Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray, Ladder Type FRP Cable Trays, Channel Type, Through Type, Distributor, Supplier, Sintex Industries Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India

Manufacturing Process

Sintex FRP Sections are manufactured from an advanced formulation of thermosetting polyester resin with fiber glass reinforcement, on state-of-the-art, electronically controlled pultrusion plants. Sintex FRP Cable Trays are fabricated using Sintex FRP (Pultruded) Sections using S.S. hardware.

F R P Cable Tray

F R P Cable Tray

F R P Cable Tray

F R P Cable Tray

F R P Cable Tray

Unique Features
Corrosion Resistance : Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
Fire Retardant : Fire retardant as per IS-6746
EMI/RFI Transparent : Transparent to electromagnetic radiations unlke GI and Aluminium trays
High Strength : Sintex FRP Cable Trays meet NEMA norms (American Specification for Glass Cable Trays) ASTM, UL and EIL standards for loadearing capabilities
Maintenance Free & Long Life : UV stabilized and requires no maintenance
Low Conductivity : Low conductive to heat and electricity

Types of Cable Tray
Ladder Type F R P Cable Trays : Two longitudinal side rails connected by rungs at rugular intervals
Channel Type F R P Cable Trays : Structures with a solid or perforated bottom with intergrated side rails
Through Type F R P Cable Trays : Structures with a solid or perforated bottom with integrated or separate longitudinal side rails

Advantages of FRP over metals
In comparison to galvanized steel :
• Corrosion resistance is not related to the zinc coating quality on the steel
• No risk of injusry
• Resistant to salin water, sulphur, chlorine and other basic environments

In comparison to aluminium :
• No electrolytic corrosion due to contact of other metas in humid environments
• Much longer life span in basic chlorine or halogen atmospheres

In comparison to stainless steel :
• Absence of corrosion under tension (mechanical)
• Recommended in chlorine environments

In comparison to metals :
• No earthing reqired
• Resistance to corrosion contributes to reduction in life cycle costs
• No requirement for electric continuity test
• Does not deform under impact
• Easy to work (cut, drill) at site and is much easier to mover and place (light weight)
• No burring, no finishing requirement and no risk of injury
• Excellent electrical and thermal insulation



MOC Polyester Resin Glass Fibres
Fire Retardant Property IS-6746 Class V0
Standard Length 3 Mtr.
Width 150-750 mm
Rung Spacing 300 mm C/C+
Coupler Plates FRP plates with SS H/Ws
Radius of Bends 300mm / 600mm / 900mm
Glass Content >60%
Angle of Bend 900 / 450
*250mm C/C for 750mm Width

Channel Type Cable Trays

Code Width Height
GP-CSCT-050 50 25
GP-CSCT-050 58 50
GP-CSCT-060 60 24
GP-CSCT-080 83 24
GP-CSCT-090 90 30
GP-CSCT-100 100 24/30/50
GP-CSCT-100 108 24
GP-CSCT-150 150 25/50/60
GP-CSCT-150 160 25/80/100
GP-CSCT-200 200 50/60
GP-CSCT-300 300 25/50
GP-CSCT-300 310 25/79
GP-CSCT-400 406 35
GP-CSCT-450 462 81
GP-CSCT-500 500 75
GP-CSCT-600 612 79

F R P Ladder Cable Trays

Code Side Runner (H) Width (W) EIL (UDL)
GP-LSCT-075 75/100/150 750 120 Kg/m
GP-LSCT-060 75/100/150 600 90 Kg/m
GP-LSCT-045 75/100/150 450 75 Kg/m
GP-LSCT-030 75/100/150 300 60 Kg/m
GP-LSCT-015 75/100/150 150 30 Kg/m